Unity towards our Vision

by Geralyn M. Somozo


When I was assigned to Marketing Department, I asked myself, “What can I contribute as a Marketing Personnel for the betterment of the hospital? How do I market Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH)?  What is the most effective approach?  Where do I start?” So many questions were running through my mind.  I was a little bit overwhelmed with the task given to me but also very excited with the challenges in store for me.


My experience taught me that it is best to start marketing from within. We must change starting from the top management down to the rank and file including the doctors, universal staff, security personnel and all others who are involved in the achievement of our goal - total customer satisfaction.  This is our foundation.  We must  check ourselves if our vision in life  is aligned with the DDH vision, which is to give quality care to our customers,  then it must be heard in our words,  shown in our actions, and must be felt by the most important person in the hospital -  THE CUSTOMER.  As part of DDH organization, each has an important role to play.  Each can contribute by doing our job well.  Achieving total customer satisfaction is not an easy task.  This is a team effort.  Hence, the birth of “Project Pagsasapuso”, a values-oriented customer service workshop for Hospital healthcare providers. The project engages participants in interactive learning situations vis-a-vis multimedia forms of expression. It is designed to develop teamwork among us and provide hospital front-liners with a step-by-step framework for dealing with customers effectively, align personal vision, mission and values with the organization’s vision, mission and values and ultimately increase the over-all patient satisfaction rating. 


The program can be summed up in a traditional Filipino concept – BAYANIHAN, which nearly everyone is familiar with because it is our tradition--“sariling atin”. It is also easily remembered. It encompasses several Filipino values like mapagkandili, maalalahanin, maunawain, magalang, taos-puso and malasakit which serve as guiding stars in our day-to-day transaction with our customers. 


This concept of Bayanihan will not be possible if the people in DDH are not working together towards our vision; if the people do not care and do not commit themselves to give 100% of themselves for quality care to our patients.  That is why hiring the right person is important.  That person can make or break our organization.  If one person in an organization does not love his/her work, chances are he/she will not care what others will think. That person will not care if the expectations of our customers are not met.   People will tell us what they think of DDH.  But if their experience with DDH is the best, i.e., prompt attention is given to their needs, the best doctors in the region, 24/7 clean and safe hospital, fair charges, employees are warm and compassionate, total customer service from admission to discharge is excellent, then people will always think of DDH first for all their medical needs.  DDH will be known throughout the region for the quality of service that we give to our customers.


The program is conceptualized by Vida Maya Ko and Geralyn Somozo (that’s me) and conducted regularly by the magnificent four:  Joyce Abigayle Ko, Holden Rainer Gayta, Vida Maya Ko and myself.  All of us share a common goal to be able to inspire others to achieve total customer satisfaction.  The workshops are designed to foster camaraderie and develop teamwork.  The activities prepared for the participants will encourage them to use their creativity and skills in art.  The artworks of each team is a work of art we can be proud of.  The output of the first batch is showcased in our new Bayanihan calendar 2011.  The other art works will be framed to be displayed in DDH premises.  Pagsasapuso will be run regularly throughout the year.   


This dream will not be a reality overnight. It entails a lot of hard work, and each of us must be willing to help shoulder the load of the house, as it lightens the burden for each one. This is true Bayanihan.  Failure is not an option. If we put our hearts into our work and our work into our hearts, we can do it!  A new seed has been planted and after sometime, we will REAP what we sowed in the “Pagsasapuso Program”.  My job as Marketing Personnel will be easier if Bayanihan will be applied in all our tasks and the spirit of unity in the DDH community will be felt.  Promoting DDH will come out naturally in our day-to-day conversations.  Just like Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP), DDH will be known as the hospital with the golden touch—touching the lives of the people we serve.  With this program, we wish to say, with passion and heartfelt conviction, that “Here at Davao Doctors Hospital, we care for life!”