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Step 2: Validate email

Congrats you just signed up for DDH Careers account. The system will automatically send a validation notice to your email address. This step is necessary to confirm that the email address is correct so that all emails from DDH Talent Management Team will reach you.

To validate your email address:

Step 3: Create your Profile

This will let you build your profile in an organized template so that you will not miss out on any information needed by DDH Talent Management Team.

To create your Profile for the first time:

Step 4: Search for a job and Apply

When you apply via DDH Careers, both your Profile and the uploaded resume (if available) will be sent to us immediately. The Talent Management Team will contact you directly if you are shortlisted for an interview. Before you apply, ensure that your Profile is complete and ready for job application.

To apply:

Step 5: Checking of Application Status

To check your application status:

What does each status mean?

  • Profile viewed X time(s) by Talent Management Team:
    The Talent Management Team has viewed your Profile.
  • Scheduled for Interview
    The employer has scheduled you for an interview. View the scheduled interview at My Profile > Interview Invitations.
  • Not Suitable
    Your application is not suitable for this job.

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