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As of today, November 12, 2020, Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH)’s allocated holding areas for patients for admission who present with respiratory tract signs and symptoms have reached its full capacity. If you wish to talk to a doctor, you may inquire via Telemedicine at numbers 222-8000 / 0919-082-3790 to 98 / 0977-842-4304.

However, our hospital remains open to accommodate non-covid-related out-patient consultations, admissions, surgeries, dialysis, and cancer care procedures. Our main Laboratory and Imaging Department also remain open.

Virtual consultation with your physicians can be availed of via MedLifestyle at We also offer Lab-N-Go, a drive-thru laboratory, a Mobile X-ray Unit, and MedExpress Medicine Delivery. We strongly advise the public to strictly observe health protocols and preventive measures against COVID-19 set by the Davao City Local Government.

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