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Introducing the Cutting-Edge Karl Storz MIS Tower: Revolutionizing Surgery at Davao Doctors Hospital

Davao Doctors Hospital proudly introduces a groundbreaking advancement in surgical technology: the Karl Storz Multidisciplinary Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Tower.

The new MIS Tower promises to streamline surgical procedures while improving patient safety standards and clinical outcomes. The unveiling ceremony was attended by members from the OB-GYN and Surgery departments together with members of the hospital’s Management Committee who expressed their full support for this transformative leap in medical practice.

Dr. Junette Grace A. Ko, the head of Gyne-MIS, proudly showcased the tower’s star feature: the Campo Trophyscope 2.9 mm camera, marking its debut in Southern Mindanao.

The tower’s standout feature is its state-of-the-art full HD monitor, providing surgeons with crystal-clear imaging for accurate diagnosis and seamless execution of procedures. By minimizing the need for large incisions, this technology enables surgeons to perform a wide range of interventions with enhanced efficiency of clinical outcomes, quicker recovery times, and reduced post-operative complications.

The Karl Storz MIS Tower represents a significant leap forward in surgical excellence at Davao Doctors Hospital.