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DDH Happy Stories - Grace and Christopher

DDH Happy Stories - Grace and Christopher

We rarely come across opportunities that would bring significant changes to our lives, and when we do, we have reasons to be thankful for such milestones. In this article, we feature heart-warming stories of inspiring individuals like Mary Grace and Christopher that we have touched.

Where were you connected before joining Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH)? 

Mary Grace Mercado: I used to work as an elevator girl at Davao Doctors College for a year from 2017 to 2018 before I joined DDH. I’m currently employed with Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH) since 2018. My role in the marketing department is taking medicine orders from MedExpress Pharmacy and answering inquiries. 

Christopher John Dulos: I used to work as a gym instructor for three years from 2015 to 2018 at Davao Doctors College before I joined DDH.  I’m currently employed at the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) as a sterile machine technician since 2018.  

What motivated you to join DDH?

Mary Grace: I was invited by the President of Davao Doctors Hospital to join their team in order to enhance my skills, learn new things, and be confident as a team member.

Christopher John: I knew the president of Davao Doctors Hospital because he used to be my client at the gym. He offered me a job at Davao Doctors Hospital if I’m interested. I had second thoughts because I have a stable job at the gym for over three years.  However, upon learning that the gym would be converted into classrooms for the senior high school, I took the opportunity to work with DDH. I was also assured by Mr. Del Val that he would help my cousin who is suffering from scoliosis and talked to my mother about the offer. I am very grateful to the DDH management and Mr. Del Val for the opportunity given me and the help they extended to my cousin.    

What are the benefits you have received from DDH?

Mary Grace: I am very grateful for the many benefits I received from Davao Doctors Hospital such as discounts from laboratory fees and medicine. Here at DDH, I learned so much in my job and to be confident as a person.  I’m very thankful to Sir Raymund because of his help and encouragement. Without him, I would not be here at DDH.

Christopher John: Here at DDH, some of the benefits I received as an employee are free medical check-ups, medicine allowance, and discounts for DDH employees.  I learned to handle and operate the machine for sterile supplies and doctor’s tools and equipment, processing, and setting up the equipment for OR surgeries.  

What is your take from the whole experience?

Mary Grace: Belief in the Almighty and confidence in yourself.

Christopher John: My advice to those who are aspiring to work here at DDH is to be devoted to your job, follow the rules and policies, time management, and if possible avoid tardiness.   





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