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Admission & Discharge

Admission & Discharge


Our Admitting Section and Emergency Room personnel will facilitate your admission.
You will be requested:

  1. To present your doctor’s order sheet. For walk-in patients, the ER physicians will make an admitting order after taking your history & physical examination.
  2. To give your personal data needed by your physician and DDH.
  3. To select the type of accommodation that you want.
  4. To sign forms of consent for hospital care and acceptance of financial responsibility & exclusive supply of medicines and waiver regarding loss of valuables.
  5. To wear your I.D. band within DDH premises.



   A written order for discharge will be made by your attending physician, after which:

  1. Your charge nurse shall advice you regarding the said order.
  2. Cut-off time for MGH (May-Go-Home) is at 1:00pm. Additional one (1) day will be charged if MGH is issued and processed beyond 1:00pm.
  3. You shall be given the Patient's Bill Claim Slip ( with time indicated therein) which you will present to the Accounts Management Section (AMS) inorder to get the final Statement of Account (S/A). You need not go to AMS to follow up on the computation of the bill.
  4. You may stay in your room until the time indicated in the Patient's Bill Claim Slip. Beyond that, additional one (1) day will be charged.      

   At the time indicated, you are then requested to:

  1. Go to the designated AMS window. Please check your bills before paying. Our AMS personnel will be more than willing to accommodate your queries regarding your billing concerns.
  2. Settle your accounts with our Cashier. The Cashier will give you official receipt together with the original and duplicate copies of the Patient's Clearance Form. Indicated in your clearance is the time for you to vacate your room.
  3. Give the original copy of the clearance to the nurse on duty who will then give you your home medications and discharge instructions.
  4. Wait for our orderly to escort you as you leave the hospital. Prior to discharge, we ask for your kind patience while the nursing aide / nurse checks the room.
  5. Surrender the duplicate copy of the clearance to the guard.