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Financial Arrangements

Financial Arrangements

To avoid undue problems, please discuss the financial aspects of your illness with your physician. All payments are to be made ONLY at the Cashier’s office located at the ground floor.

Reminders for settlement of account:

  1. On the day of admission, you will be requested to go to our Accounts Management Section (AMS) at the ground floor to make the necessary arrangements for your stay.
  2. It is our policy to accept only cash payments. However, payment may be made through personal checks or credit cards if prior arrangement is made.
  3. For company or HMO-sponsored accounts, a letter of authorization (LOA) should be submitted on or before admission or may be forwarded to the AMS within 24 hours of admission.
  4. Tentative statement of account may be sent to you from time to time by our AMS during your confinement. Concomitant payment will be requested from you.
  5. For admission less than 24 hours, minimum charge is one (1) day.