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Rooming-in Policy

Rooming-in Policy


1.    All neonates delivered by normal spontaneous vaginal delivery without any maternal risk factors shall be roomed-in immediately preferably within 30 minutes post delivery after the following have been done:

    1.1    Essential Newborn Care
    1.2    Initial Physical Assessment and Examination by Resident in-charge
    1.3    Clearance from Attending Physician

2.    Well neonates delivered by C/S and difficult vaginal delivery (forceps/vacuum extraction) shall be observed first before rooming-in preferably within 4 hours.

3.    All babies under the Lying-in Program delivered via NSVD, with good APGAR score, without maternal or neonatal risk factors are directly roomed-in with the mother.

4.    All well neonates delivered outside Delivery Room will be roomed-in with the mother. Those needing close observation, incubator care or ventilatory support will be admitted to the PICU.