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Visitors' Guide

Visitors' Guide

Davao Doctors Hospital is implementing strict security measures for the protection of everyone. The enforcement of these measures by the Security Guards may cause you some inconvenience, may impose on your time and may cause irritation between your visitors / watchers and the Guards. We seek your kind consideration in implementing the following to promote an atmosphere of safety and security within the Hospital complex:

Patients in private and suite rooms are allowed two visitors at a time and two watchers at night.

Patients in semi-private rooms and wards are allowed one visitor each at a time, and one watcher at night so as not to disturb the rest and sleep of the other patients in the room.

Children below 7 years old are not allowed entry into the Hospital unless for consultation.

Visitors are no longer allowed after 9 PM.

Bag inspection shall be done at the Hospital, Tower and Laboratory entry points to prevent bringing in of items that may unduly expose the Hospital, its patients, employees and staff to security risks.

1. Visitor's ID shall be issued by the Guard upon entry and after surrender of the visitor's personal / company ID. The DDH Visitor's ID shall be surrendered to the Guard when leaving the Hospital.

2. To further control the flow of people within the Hospital premises, some entry or exit points may be closed at a certain time. A longer route may have to be taken.

3.Parking in front of OPD / Emergency Room is disallowed.

4. While inside the room, please take care of your valuables. Hospital management is not responsible for loss of any personal property.

Security concerns during the day may be directed to:

Hospital Supervisor - local 7117
Security Guard - local 1623

Security cameras are installed in strategic areas in the hospital . House Detectives are also on roving activities.

At night, please call the Nursing Supervisor.