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Cardiac Rehab Packages

Cardiac Rehab Packages


Phase 1 In-Patient Package

During hospital confinement of immediate post-operative phase or after a cardiac event.


Patients with Cardiac illnesses and/or risk factors.

Phase 1B

Php 12, 200.00

Phase 2 Out-Patient Package

Upon hospital discharge from a cardiac event or significant illness.

Phase 2A

Php  11,000.00

Phase 2B

Php  10,700.00

Phase 3 Stable Out-Patient Package

For patients with cardiovascular risks but w/o significant disease.


For patients 60 years with stable cardiovascular status and have achieved > 6 mets.

Phase 3A

Php  11,000.00

Phase 3B

Php  10,050.06

Phase 4 Maintenance/Preventive

For patients with very stable cardiovascular status who wish to enroll for 6-12 months. 


Schedule is 3x a week.

Phase 4

Php  88,800.00



For more information, please visit:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

2nd Floor, Main Hospital Building

Davao Doctors Hospital


Call us at 222-8000 loc 8669


***Prices are subject to change without prior notice.