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Effective September 16, 2020, all clients will be required to have their daily health monitoring through the online DDH Access Pass.

The online health screen will serve as your access pass when entering the hospital premises.

Please take note of the instructions below:

  1. Clients must first answer the DDH Access Pass through a web app accessed by phone. Please refer to the image for the QR code or URL address ( At the end of the process, the client will be given a transaction number that is valid within the day.
  2. Afterward, clients shall present their transaction number together with a VALID ID at the triage and undergo a temperature check.
  3. The client shall present his/her transaction number in his/her every transaction in the hospital premises (diagnostic centers, pharmacy, cashier, billing, etc.).
  4. For Doctor’s clinic, the client shall scan the QR code or access the URL address posted outside the clinic. The client shall then be redirected to a portal and shall input his/her respective transaction number.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Medicines can also be delivered when ordered from DDH Med-Express.