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ADAMS A1C: Unprecedented Accuracy to Efficiently Manage Diabetes

The Pioneer in A1C HPLC Technology

Diabetes is a silent killer, as known in the medical world. People with diabetes are more at risk to the mortality brought about by the complication of diabetes rather than condition itself. People with diabetes are at risk of developing Diabetic Retinopathy, Kidney Problem and Nerve Complications. The key to diabetes management be short term or long term is control. Short term by controlling dietary intake and exercise and long term control by measuring glycohemoglobin. Keeping patient’s blood glucose close to normal is very important. But measurement by Glycohemoglobin did not have its challenges. Hemoglobin variants were causing false high results in patients with diabetes.

Now from ARKRAY Japan, the world’s first manufacturer of HPLC system effective diabetes management is now within reach.

Great Simplicity

The system was developed to increase operational ease. Providing the operator maximum walk away convenience at the same time providing the healthcare professionals the most accurate result possible.

Highly accurate

The ADAMS A1C pride itself with high result accuracy in terms of intra sample reproducibility, within day reproducibility. Within day reproducibility. With the analyzers measuring principle anchored to the NGSP/DCCT reference method and certified by IFCC. The instrument clearly complies and has passed global standards.

Exemplary Safety

Instrument fully automated features provides maximum ease in daily operation. In addition, the cap piercing technology coupled with a maximum immersion depth further provides laboratory with result accuracy all the time and every time, regardless of partial settlement in the sample tube.

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