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Keeping everyone safe during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic is our utmost concern especially after the Enhanced Quarantine has been eased. We expect that more people will come to the hospital and keeping social distance and other safety measures remain effective tools in containing the spread of the virus.

We will all experience the security checks and temperature recording as well the triaging interviews at all entrances. Please be patient. Access passes and stickers shall be required while within the hospital premises. Appointments are highly encouraged since most clinics will not entertain walk-in patients. All persons must wear masks properly at all times and are encouraged to use the hand sanitizers available for public use.

The hospital has also instituted a zoning system that will help in identifying levels of risk of virus transmission. This system guides our personnel on the proper Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) they are required to wear. It also guides the public on the level of precaution they are to take when they need to be in specific zones. You may visit to view the zoning map of the hospital.

We have also launched DDH Telemedicine, an audio consultation platform, that allows you to access your doctors without leaving home or work. Your prescriptions and diagnostic test requests are given online. Results can be retrieved and follow-ups with your doctors are also done through the same platform. Medicines can also be delivered when ordered from DDH Med-Express. The service is available from Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, through the following hotlines:

Landline: 222-8000

SMART: 0998-849-8854/ 0998-952-4604

GLOBE: 0977-842-4304/ 0977-842-3380

Rest assured that we at Davao Doctors Hospital have your safety and well-being in mind.

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Medicines can also be delivered when ordered from DDH Med-Express.