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Speed saves lives.

Speed saves lives.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s AEROCOM!


Hospitals continue to see the responsibilities of critical hospital personnel expand. They look to improve technology that has the capability to deliver hospital services without increasing staffing. The Pneumatic Tube System gives an immediate and measurable solution to this dilemma.

A wide variety of items can be transported with the Aerocom Pneumatic Tube System. Documents, reports, patient files, X-rays, pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, plasma, injection vials and instruments are just a few examples. The system connects the entire hospital. Emergency Rooms, Labs, blood bank, pharmacy, and all supporting areas will be linked together. The system’s sending and receiving stations are the perfect solution for busy hospital environments. 

All over Asia, the demand for Pneumatic Tube Systems is exponentially increasing among hospitals to help solve their internal logistics problems.  In the Philippines, a growing number of hospitals are utilizing Pneumatic Tube Systems.

Finally, another first in Mindanao, the Aerocom Pneumatic Tube Sytem can be seen zooming in and around Davao Doctors Hospital’s floors. Sending and receiving stations are installed at the following: (a) on the ground floor: the Laboratory, Emergency Room and Pharmacy; (b) on the second floor: the CCU, ICU , Telemetry, 2A, 3C, Surgical Ward and OB Ward; (c) on the 3rd floor: Operating Room, Delivery Room , NICU, 3A, 3C, Surgical Ward, and OB Ward, (d) on the 4th floor: 4B and 4A, 4C and Pedia Ward, and (e) on the 5th floor: 5B and 5A.

It’s as simple as selecting the desired destination from the station directory and pressing the send button. Routing through the multiple zones and diverters is determined by system’s PC Controller.

In keeping with existing health regulations, the stations are designed to operate with no air leakage during send and receive operations. Computer controlled pneumatic breaking automatically slows the carriers prior to arrival at the station. This helps ensure the safe delivery of delicate items. Stations are equipped with an easy to read, easy to follow, LCD menu that makes selecting destination and system activation as simple as can be.

Materials such as blood and tissue samples can arrive at the lab in seconds. Medications sent from the central pharmacy can reach the nursing stations by the push of a button. X-rays and their results can be in the hands of the technicians and doctors in a fraction of the time it used to take. Even transport of medical and surgical equipment can be made more efficient through the pneumatic tube system.

In addition, the Pneumatic Tube System relieves vital staff members of the routine transport of lab samples and medications, as the system delivers these items in a fraction time. Essential samples and medications reach their destinations in seconds rather than minutes. This is a clear implication that the Pneumatic Tube System will help DDH provide faster, more efficient service. By reducing, the requirement for routine errands, valuable members of the healthcare team are now free to direct their attention to their utmost priority… Caring for Patients.