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Who we are

Our Philosophy

Here at Davao Doctors Hospital, we embrace a corporate philosophy that reflects in everything that we do, in our day-to-day operations–from the floors, patient care units to the business units.This philosophy deeply reverberates in our tagline: We Care for Life. At the core, the value that our caring provides goes beyond physical wellbeing. It extends to a more profound need–life itself! And when we talk about life, we mean the life of people. People are central to everything that we do as an organization. In fact, it is the heart of what we do.For the year 2010, we have adopted a theme that will reflect how we will approach our 41st year of existence: People at the heart of what we do.

Our Patients

Why do we exist?

We exist for people, particularly our patients. Patients are at the very core of our “raison d’etre”, our purpose for existence and reason for being.

Patients are at the heart of what we do. This is why our ultimate goal is quality patient care.

It is our business to make sure that our patients receive the highest standards of service and warm, genuine care across all areas and levels of the organization.

Our Team

What value do we offer?

The value that we provide does not rest on our equipment or on our facilities. Rather, we are offering “care” that translates to a quality healthcare experience–one that will make our patients feel better as we help them get well, an experience that will give them peace of mind, because they are employing the best possible means to get well, feel better and stay healthy. This quality healthcare experience is anchored on our people. We refer to our team of highly competent doctors, nurses, professional and non-professional staff who are instrumental in the over-all delivery of quality patient care, making them our most valuable assets and the heart of what we offer as an organization.

Our Relationships

We deliver quality patient care through building, nurturing and strengthening relationships.Across and within the organization, relationships are vital to ensure that the overall healthcare delivery is seamless from point of admission to discharge. From the point of patient’s interface with the doctor, getting the tests done, releasing the results, and providing an accurate diagnosis—all these entail relationships that have a profound impact on a patient’s overall healthcare experience and, ultimately, to his or her quality of life. This encompasses a complex network of relationships between and within departments and units, among managers, heads and staff, and how the organization as a whole relates to and takes care of its people.

Our relationship with our shareholders is critical as it serves as our driving force for ensuring the profitability and ultimate sustainability of the organization in the long-run.Our relationships with our community and our environment are fundamental for we exist and operate always within a larger context. We consider it, therefore, an imperative for us to be responsible citizens of Mindanao, the Philippines and the Earth. It is with this in mind that we strive to contribute in our own way through various endeavours–medical missions, free clinics, charity patient cases, patient education and health awareness campaigns, environmental campaigns and structural “greenification”. Our relationship with our patients is the key relationship, upon which all other relationships are built. We consider this a relationship that encompasses a lifetime, for the end goal of helping our patients attain an optimum quality of life, enabling them to live life to the fullest through a lifelong partnership with our organization.

Because here at Davao Doctors Hospital, We Care for Life!

Core Values

    We firmly uphold truthfulness, reliability, trustworthiness and ethical standards in all undertakings across the organization.
    We selflessly set our clients’ delight and delight experience as the heart of all endeavours.
    We passionately go the extra mile to surpass our clients’ expectations in the quality and delivery of our services.
    We exercise trust and respect and embrace the diversity of all individuals. We accept full accountability in all our action and decisions.
    We continuously explore and develop new and advanced ways that challenge the status quo to enhance our clients’ quality of life.
    We adhere to the details of safety standards that ensure our clients’ safety, security and well-being.
    We foster collaboration among various sectors of our institution through constant communication and teamwork in the concerted pursuit of our Vision and Mission.

Golden Rules

Love your patients as you love yourself.
Attend to your patients’ needs with genuine concern.
Be on time always.
Ask when in doubt.
Listen to the wisdom of your colleagues.
Embrace the company policies and procedures.
Have a “CAN DO” attitude.
Perform your role with passion and sense of urgency.
Own and value your work.
SMILE. It heals.

Statement of the environment

As the leading healthcare institution in Mindanao, the core value that our caring provides goes beyond physical wellbeing of our patients. It extends to a more profound human need—life itself! That is, the life of our patients.

When we talk about life, it is always in reference not only to health but also to the environment. As such, we strive to be responsible stewards of Mother Earth, taking into consideration our ecological footprint.

We take ample care in assessing our impact and engineering our ways of doing things (systems and processes) according to what is socially and environmentally responsible. We invest in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of our waste management system. We have a sewage treatment plant (STP) and adhere to waste disposal and management protocols set by the Department of Health and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

We understand that efforts at environmental protection and conservation do not bear fruit overnight. It has to be carefully deliberated in view of the future. Our concern for the environment reflects in our long-range planning.

With our thrust for energy conservation, all lighting fixtures are being replaced with energy-saving lamps, cutting down energy consumption on light by almost 50%. We are currently re-designing our facility to provide optimal utilization of our limited land space. This is to address the fast growing traffic of patients and guests at DDH. Our newly opened 4-storey steel parking complex, the first of its kind in Mindanao, is but a testament to our firm commitment to make a difference in improving the quality of life not only of our patients but the whole city of Davao!

Furthermore, our blueprints for expansion are geared towards a “green infrastructure” that optimizes energy and water resources, thereby reducing consumption, wastage and pollution.

At the core, we desire to uplift life itself. We pride ourselves in providing care that enables our customers to live life to the fullest through a lifelong partnership with our organization, because here at Davao Doctors Hospital, We Care for Life!